Becoming a PTI Inspector

What requirements do I have to meet in order to register for the PTI exam?

You can only participate in the PTI exam if you:

  1. have a level 3 degree in secondary vocational education (MBO) or higher for (first) car technician, a demonstrably equivalent (foreign) diploma or a foreign diploma PTI inspector and:
  2. can provide a certificate of good conduct (VOG) not older than 6 months
    This can be requested via https: certificate of conduct

Prior education PTI inspector:

Send a copy of your diploma and an original certificate of good conduct (VOG) to:
IBKI, Postbus 2360, 3430 DV Nieuwegein.

After IBKI obtained these documents, you will receive a message within 4 weeks about your application for the PTI exam and the decision whether or not you can be admitted for this exam.


How much does the PTI exam cost?

The current prices for the PTI exam can be found at:
Price PTI exam


How can I apply for the PTI exam?

If you would like to register for the PTI exam, you can contact IBKI by telephone at number 030-6087766, option 2. A friendly employee will take care of the registration for you.


Where will my PTI exam take place and what do I need to bring with me?

All exams to become PTI inspector only take place at the head office of IBKI in Nieuwegein, Structuurbaan 2.
In order to be admitted to the PTI exam, you have to be able to identify yourself in advance with a valid EU identification document (passport, driver’s license, or identity card), or from the country of origin. Please make sure you are present 15 minutes before the start of the exam.

If you still have questions prior to the exam, you can ask them by email at or by phone at 030-6087766, option 2.


What does my exam look like and when do I pass?

The PTI exam consists of three parts:

  • Questions about procedures and legal requirements;
  • A number of practical experience questions about general vehicle technology;
  • A number of practical assignments about PTI.

The PTI exam is only taken in Dutch. It is important that you have an adequate control of the Dutch language.

You pass the exam if you obtain sufficient results for both sets of questions and all practical assignments.


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